Facebook Introduces ‘Knowledge Graph Search’…but who cares MySpace is back!


The new MySpace has arrived and no, you won’t find any “glitter posts” on your wall. This time around the site is heavily music oriented hoping to fill a social sharing void left by Spotify and Pandora.  The site’s co-owner, Justin Timberlake is promoting the site by providing users with exclusive access to his new single featuring Jay-Z, “Suit & Tie”. The company’s new tagline, “Discover, Search and Connect” offers some insights into what’s new. Users can create mixes, add profile songs, connect with artists, share music with friends, and watch music videos.

The side-scrolling layout, looks like a combination of Pinterest and Facebook on steroids. Though the company has said publicly that it is not their intention to compete with Facebook, I think they are on to something even better. Though Facebook has changed their layout and added some new features over the years (including the launch of Facebook Knowledge Graph today), they haven’t taken too many innovation or design chances. The new MySpace boasts larger images and integrate music into your profile rather than just “liking” an artist.

Users can sign up now for the new MySpace. They can use their Facebook or Twitter credentials to sign in or just login with their old MySpace username and password. As of right now the new MySpace is only available for personal use and commercial use is restricted. What that means for brands is that they won’t be able to get in on the action just yet.

Follow me on the new MySpace at MichelleMastro.


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