3 Social Mobile Apps Every Sales Super Star Needs

If you are in sales you have probably heard the expression “work smarter, not harder” at some point. If you spend the majority of your time on the road, you are probably very tied to your smartphone. It becomes your virtual office. There are many social networking and location-based mobile apps that can help you work smarter in the field. Here are three that you need to download today:

ImageHighlight – Powered by information from your Facebook profile, Highlight lets you know when you’re near people you know, as well as people with whom you share mutual friends or interests. Think LinkedIn with a location based element that allows you to find connections and write recommendations for others. Highlight is a great way to connect with other professionals and perhaps find valuable business connections. Imagine attending a crowded conference to find new business development. Traditionally, one would have to spend hours mingling and making conversation with people who sometimes may not be who you are looking to connect with. Through Highlight you can pinpoint those nearby, find out where they work and even see mutual friends to help strike up a conversation.

ImageGlancee – A competitor to Highlight, Glancee helps people find connections near them with similar interests. Glancee was acquired by Facebook last year which makes you wonder if

Facebook will ultimately block Highlight from being able to integrate with them. Both Glancee and Highlight might sound like a privacy nightmare, but users always have the option to turn off their location based sharing on their mobile devices. Both of these social apps help us network faster and more efficiently.

ImageHoovers Near Here – If you are in sales and you don’t have Hoovers Near Here downloaded to your iPhone  you need to try it. This location based app for iPhone helps you search for businesses near you or near where you are going. Easily view key information, contacts and company profile stats before deciding if it’s worth stopping and making a sales call. You can sync important contacts directly to your iPhone using the app. Hoovers Near Here could only be better if it included the businesses social networks so that you could easily follow a prospect while on the road.



  1. The privacy aspect of Glancee and Highlight makes me wonder about the percentage of people having turned off their location and whether they still can be found. Hence, are these two apps still as useful as promoted by their developers?
    Hoovers Near Hear seems to have an interesting profile – I’ll check it out.

  2. Thanks for sharing Hoovers Near Here. It sounds like it would be very useful. I will share with out sales people.

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