[Special Report] Social Media Marketing World 2013: 10 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Reach with Mari Smith


Mari Smith speaks at Social Media Marketing World 2013

The house was packed this morning with community managers eager to gain insights from social media guru, Mari Smith. One of the first track sessions of the day, the topic was “10 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Reach”. Mari kept the presentation interactive by pre-scheduling her own tweets using HootSuite. At one point one of her followers shouted “I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA!” and won a copy of Mari’s new book The New Relationship Marketing. I have used this approach before in my own speaking and I love it. If you are speaking about social media, you may as well include it in your presentation. Here are some key takeaways from Mari’s presentation for those of you who may have missed it:

  • Facebook sharing tips: break news, be prompt, create HIGHLY shareable content *relevant* to your audience.
  • Track your Facebook post timing and frequency – Posting too often and posting off-topic are two of the top reasons fans hide posts.
  • Always include CTA’s (calls to action). There are two types of CTA’s: Social CTA’s which happen on your fan page (i.e. “like”, “share”, etc.) and off-page CTA’s which call for fans to leave your Facebook page and visit a website, ebook, etc.
  • Allow posts to get organic reach for some time before you pay to promote them with Facebook Ads.
  • Invest in good community managers – The key to this is proper training. A good community manager must have excellent customer service skills and be persuasive!
  • Customers expect a response from brands on social media within 30 minutes. “On average, companies take 13.7 hours to respond to Facebook fan posts.” Respond quicker than this and you will be in good shape.
  • The 80/20 Rule still applies – When creating content you should focus on fans 80% of the time and focus on yourself 20% of the time. Focusing on yourself doesn’t necessarily mean selling, but talking about an offer or resource that you are giving to fans.
  • “Be yourself because everyone else is already taken!” – or as Dr. Seuss put it, “There is no one youer than you.” Be yourself on Facebook and the engagement will follow.

Stay tuned for more updates from Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing World 2013!

* * *

Michelle Mastrobattista is a Social Media Manager for Propel Marketing – a GateHouse Media company. She works with over fifty SMB’s creating social media strategies and helping them navigate the digital marketing landscape. @PropelMichelle



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