[Special Report] Social Media Marketing World 2013: Turning Social Advertising Into Leads and Sales


In his hilarious and fast-paced session this afternoon at Social Media Marketing World, Brian Carter covered A LOT of information. If you didn’t have a chance to make it to Turning Social Advertising Into Leads and Sales, or if you had a hard time keeping up like myself and @Ciaoenrico (above), here are some of the highlights:

Be everywhere. No one channel is perfect for your business.

Stop Reacting. Move Forward.  Be proactive. Switch from monitoring keywords to leading conversations with your content.

As a society we suffer from continuous partial attention.You can’t sell to someone who’s not paying attention to you, so find a way to get their attention.

Target and Personalize. It is key to have the right idea with the right message for your audience.

Test! Test! Test! If you have  an idea for a Facebook ad and you don’t create 5-10 versions of it, you’re not doing it right.

It is okay to share curated content, you don’t always have to be original.

Re-purpose content to get the most out of stuff you already have or create content in such a way that makes re-purposing it easy.

Facebook DON’TS

  •  Talking about yourself too much
  • Being too edgy or offensive
  • Being too obscure or niche
  • Asking for likes

Avoid infographics on Facebook if you plan on promoting your post. Facebook Ads will likely not allow them if they are more than 20% text.

* * *

Michelle Mastrobattista is a Social Media Manager for Propel Marketing – a GateHouse Media company. She works with over fifty SMB’s creating social media strategies and helping them navigate the digital marketing landscape. @PropelMichelle


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