[Special Report] Social Media Marketing World 2013: How To Generate Leads with Social Media


Rebecca Corliss (@Repcor) of HubSpot knows a thing or two about generating leads via social media. In fact, she is responsible for generating tens of thousands of leads per month. If you weren’t able to make it to her track session yesterday, here is a quick recap of how you can help attract new business to you:

Get your Marketing Ready for Lead Generation

  • Create lots and lots of content (ebook, blogs, infographics, etc)
  • Use landing pages and forms – give people an opportunity to “unveil” themselves
  • Do the “gut check”: will people love it?

Lead Generation Through Visual Content

  • Facebook images receive 53% more likes than the average post [via HubSpot]
  • Getting more likes leads to improved EdgeRank
  • LinkedIn is becoming more visual – better showcasing of images, cover photos, etc.
  • There is a 17% visit to lead conversion rate on Pinterest! If you are not using Pinterest for lead generation campaigns – you should be.
  • Designers are the marketers of the future. Hire marketing designers or invest in training

Test Social and Native Advertising

  • This is a great way to amplify your content – don’t promote content that your audience wouldn’t want to see.
  • Native Advertising is ad content that is paid for, yet appears native in your news feed  It seems natural.
  • The Facebook Promoted Post gets 12% more engagement than the sponsored story (via SEOMoz)

 Use Social to Improve Search

  • Focus is shifting from search rank to search visibility. The more visible you are on Google, the better. It is no longer enough to hold the top spot on Google.
  • Utilize Google+ Blog Author Profiles and link your blog to Google+ account. This will add a picture next to your blog on Google and add credibility.
  • Use social reach to compete in search
  • Your reputation is your search authority

Rebecca added at the end of the presentation 3 of the biggest mistakes that people make:

  1. Blogging about yourself vs. something valuable
  2. Thinking that ads posted online are visual content. There should be value in the content itself.
  3. Not including CTA’s (call to action) in posts

Check back tomorrow for more recaps on the fabulous track sessions at Social Media Marketing World!

* * *

Michelle Mastrobattista is a Social Media Manager for Propel Marketing – a GateHouse Media company. She works with over fifty SMB’s creating social media strategies and helping them navigate the digital marketing landscape. @PropelMichelle



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