Are Google+ Users Angrier Than The Average Social Media User?

ImageMaybe it’s me…but recently I have been starting to like Google+ more and more. I joined a few Communities to find interesting new people and see what was being discussed. I guess I assumed Communities were a lot like the LinkedIn groups that I belong to. In those groups people share their websites, blogs, articles, plug their businesses, etc.

Assuming that the culture was similar, I went ahead and posted to some communities this week. My first post was “Hello! We are new to the community and look forward to connecting with all of you. Please check out our brand new website if you have a chance. Would love to hear your thoughts…” To my surprise, I received a harsh slap on the hand, TWICE. Two different Communities, two separate Community moderators, were quick to let me know that anything self-promotional was against the terms of their Google+ Community. They were not very nice about it either. One snapped, “You could START with reading the Community guidelines first – no self-promotion.”

I can definitely appreciate social media guidelines and I like to play by the rules, but my immediate reaction was to leave this particular group. I felt so…shamed. As a moderator hoping to welcome new people to my Community, I might have taken a softer approach such as, “Thank you for joining our Community, we look forward to connecting with you. Please take a moment to review our guidelines, etc.”

My impression is that Google+ moderators take policing the community VERY seriously. It seems socially acceptable to share self-promotions, company blog posts, etc. on LinkedIn and Twitter, but NOT on Google+. One moderator pointed out, “BTW – I deleted your post because it was a bit too self-promotional.” In a real estate group where everyone posting is a Realtor, aren’t they all indirectly self-promoting? If I share this blog post am I not self-promoting? Where do we draw the line? Has anyone else experienced this?


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