Most Awesome Digital Campaign for A City…EVER!

I was scrolling through my Facebook News Feed the other day, minding my business, when I saw THIS:

I noticed that this was a Sponsored post and whoever was responsible had a good sense of humor. Intrigued, I clicked through to the website and discovered the most awesomest digital marketing campaign for a city ever!

Bring Your Company To Life is a campaign created by The Providence Foundation to help drive business and commerce to the city of Providence, RI. The sites mission is clear upon landing on the homepage. “Love your job but hate where you work? Convince your company to move to Downtown Providence.”


They built their case…


Included testimonials…


Tons of helpful information and resources on Downtown Providence…


and a clear call to action!


Then they provided me with funny memes to share with my friends…


They offered to take my boss to lunch for FREE!

BYCTL Bribe Boss

And if that doesn’t work, they offered to stalk my boss with a retargeting ad of my choosing…

BYCTL coffee

This campaign was executed perfectly! They targeted me with a Facebook ad (which worked), engaged me with this amazing website, then activated me by providing me with three different tools to spread the word.

Bravo Providence Foundation, Bravo!

What do you think? Would you start a movement at your company for an office in Providence if you saw this?


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